"Bringing veterans home, one warrior at a time"

​Operation All The Way Home


Current Mission - SFC Joseph Cruz 

Painters started Monday, Nov. 23 and completed their work on Tuesday, Nov. 24, just in time for Thanksgiving. The installation of new flooring throughout the Cruz home began on Monday, Nov. 30 and was completed in three days!

The final element of the Cruz mission is the installation of a flag pole - - a special gift from the OATH students to SFC Cruz in honor of his service and sacrifices for our country. The Falg Raising Ceremony for SFC Cruz will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016. 

A member of the first graduating class of Quartz Hill High School in 1967, Joseph Cruz is a long time resident of the Antelope Valley. After high school Cruz enlisted in the U.S. Army.  Deployed to Vietnam during the Tet Offensive, Cruz served two combat tours in Vietnam, where he awarded the Purple Heart. After his time in Vietnam, Cruz was sent to Germany. It was there, while leading his unit on a training mission, that the jeep he was traveling in was involved in a severe accident. SFC Cruz suffered catastrophic injuries that left him 100% disabled and wheel-chair bound.

During the record-breaking Antelope Valley rain storm on Oct 15, 2015 Joseph Cruz's handicapped-accessible Quartz Hill home sustained severe damage when water and mud came through the front door and garage and flooded the home. The progress of this special mission is detailed below. Operation All The Way Home is honored to support Joseph Cruz and his family. 

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42212 10th St. W, Suite 2A,
Lancaster, CA 93534


Mission Progress

Damage Caused by the storm

Flag Pole Installation

Interior Paint & NEW flooring

HUMILITY AND HEROISM - That's what the OATH students witnessed first-hand when SFC Joseph Cruz was a special guest at their meeting on Thursday, Jan. 21. Detailing his journey in the U.S Army, Mr. Cruz shared his experiences during two combat tours in Vietnam where he was awarded the Purple Heart, multiple deployments in Germany, and the heart-wrenching details of a training accident that changed his life forever. It was a powerful and inspirational evening of courage, gentle strength, resiliency, determination, and humility - - true traits of a hero. Operation All The Way Home is grateful for the service of Joseph Cruz and honored to have the opportunity to work on his behalf and repay in some small measure the debt we owe to one who has sacrificed so much for all of us. 

Drywall repair November 10-13

The restoration of the Cruz home would not be possible without the dedication and generosity of those individuals who answered the call to support a veteran in need.

Craig Fries, Medallion Contracting, Inc. - Thank you for continued support and consulting services!

Paul Wilson, Drywall Contractor - Thank you for the very generous donation of materials and labor for the Cruz home.

Allie Arnold Painting - Thank you for the very generous donation of materials and labor for the Cruz home.

Barry White, Carpeteria - Thank you for working with the Cruz family to select a superior quality "forever floor," able to withstand any possible future flooding, along with the generous donation of the labor required for the installation, and for providing the product at wholesale price.

exterior work complete