"Bringing veterans home, one warrior at a time"

​Operation All The Way Home

The students of Operation All The Way Home presented a special donation of $5,000 in support AV Vets 4 Veterans project, Operation Restart House. The presentation took place during Vets 4 Veterans Annual Classic Car Show, Sept. 20, 2015. Operation Restart House will support veterans while transitioning from military to civilian life by providing safe, secure housing while attending college or job-training. When completed, Operation Restart House will provide invaluable services for veterans in the Antelope Valley. Operation All The Way Home is very proud to continue supporting AV Vets 4 Veterans and Operation Restart House as an on-going mission. For more information about AV Vets 4 Veterans and Operation Restart House, please read below.

"There is great need in our valley, and Vets 4 Veterans is working hard to meet some of those needs.  Many of our returning young warriors are struggling to readjust to civilian life.  Support and assistance offered by their community can make a world of difference to their successful readjustment.

Vets 4 Veterans Antelope Valley is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was founded in 2010 by a group of local Vietnam combat veterans who attend a PTSD therapy group at Antelope Valley Vet Center.  As they learned to “live better” with their PTSD, they realized they could provide care and connection for our returning warriors.  The mission of Vets 4 Veterans is to empower local veterans, who suffer the physical and psychological wounds of war, to successfully reintegrate into the life of their community.  This is accomplished through awarding scholarships for higher education, providing interim housing for veterans attending college, and assessing and granting assistance in cases of hardship or immediate family need.  Our goal is to prevent homelessness among local veterans. 

Operation Restart House is on its way to soon becoming a reality.   We are in the process of finding a perfect property.   Operation Restart House will provide safe, secure housing for veterans attending college or job-training.  The goal is to give veterans a place to live while they get their feet on the ground and reestablish their life in the community.    This house will be available to families, or several single veterans as needed.   Rent will be on an ability to pay basis and the stay will be approximately 6 months.  Vets 4 Veterans will assess the needs of the residents and assist with services to help with their readjustment.  PTSD group will be available, and they will be connected with larger agencies for housing assistance, etc, as needed.  

To date, AV Vets 4 Veterans has raised over $100,000 for the Operation Restart House project, and is now in the process of preparing for the selection of its location and future site. For more information about AV Vets 4 Veterans, please visit www.avvets4veterans.org."

On-Going Mission: AV Vets 4 Veterans - Operation Restart House